Denise Faustman, MD, PHd
The Faustman Lab at work

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The research conducted by the Faustman Lab depends on the support of people like you.
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Host a Special Event or Fundraiser

Get together with friends and family, run in a marathon, hold a golf tournament or hold a benefit to support the Faustman Lab's research.

Whether you host an event or are participating in one, you can have fun and help the lab's work to reverse type 1 diabetes.

Getting Started

You can set up an MGH donation web page specifically for your event. A member of the MGH development team will reach out, get the appropriate information to have the event registered with MGH, and provide guidelines for raising money using MGH's name and community fundraising logo.

Please contact

You can also visit the Special Events page on Mass General's Giving website for more information.

Giving online

For For information on direct online giving, please visit our Giving page or email us at